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Make the discovery of Ghana through our comprehensive tour packages

10 Days tour. (Southern belt)

This package takes you round 4 major regions of Ghana and visiting over 10 attractive tourist sites. Places to be visited include but are not limited to:

  • Wli waterfalls.
  • Mountain Gemi-the second highest mountain in Ghana.
  • Mountain Afadja-the highest mountain in Ghana, rising about 885 metres.
  • Shai-hill resources.
  • Dubois centre.
  • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum


Visit exciting and at the same time inspiring places of prayer. Let’s walk your spiritual journey with you through touring. We help you experience the presence of the supernatural, the Devine by journeying with you to some prominent spiritual places like:

Mixed Religious and Social Tour

Make a religious leap while enjoying your normal vacation and tour through some attractive touristic sites in the country. Give us a call for us to plan your trip with you.

  • Marian Grotto at Kpando Agbenoxoe.
  • Abono Grotto.
  • Avon Prayer centre.
  • Atwea Montain, etc.


All work and no play makes your relationship…

  • Discover amazing places in Ghana with your family or just you and your partner. Allow us to help you create unforgettable beautiful experiences that will keep your relationships strong and flourishing.

    Strengthen that good family feeling you’ve always had and don’t let if flip away through your fingers. Remember, once lost, it may take much more effort to regain it…


A two weeks tour of Ghana. Package includes all hotel accommodations and breakfast, a full video/picture coverage of all interesting activities, safari, etc. Get all the magical memories you need with our comprehensive and customized trips.


‘Think possibilities, Act possibilities’-E.K. Deku, PMP.

The future of each child depends largely on how much they are able to ‘dream/think possibilities’ and take the necessary steps towards the accomplishment of these dreams.  At GoTourGh Limited, we take serious interest in the development of the hopes and aspirations of the young.

We have therefore prepared this learning package for students of all ages to equip them with tools and techniques that would bring the innermost dreams into reality.

Please note: The comprehensive package generally comes with basic project management lessons that is delivered throughout the tour to help students manage their dreams/projects better.

Call and book now for this unprecedented excursion/tour package for students.

Package may include a dream board, an on-site picture printing printer to help facilitate the dream board project, manila cards, markers, glue, pens/pencils, etc.


Bouncing back from adversities.

Managing the aftermath of sad and painful events in our lives is of outermost Importance in our daily lives. It helps us to flourish again in our lives and take a new turn.

Have you recently lost someone, property, or gone through any sad and painful event? Then this package might just be what you need to bounce back to life. This package offers you the opportunity to grief properly, met with our counselors, have resting moments, etc.

Call and book now for a package that speaks directly into your particular situation.


Discover the beauty and richness of many African countries. It starts by telling us where you want to go and leave the rest to us!


Do you feel tired in your relationship? Do you feel irritated with your spouse easily? Do you snap at your children easily? Don’t let this uncomfortable feeling become your new you. It’s time to breath fresh air into your relationship with your partner. GoTourGh organizes a relationship refresher weekends/holidays for couples with challenging relationships. Package include hotel accommodation, counselling sessions, excursions, safari, etc. Please note: Packages are tailored to fit your specific needs and taste.

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We take corporate retreats to the next level where strategy is derived through a blend of relaxation, tourism, formal and informal meetings. Let’s beat down the stress and spend the time strategizing your organization to meet the challenges of our present times. Let’s find you the best deals including facilitators to give your company a new insight into the industry.


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